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Monster roster is categorized into tasodomy of species, groups, or affiliations. The first would follow in the ranking/statistic of ZombieMan, the last would follow in the ranking/statistic of CyberDemon.

+Order of The Corrupted Sisterhood:
-Corrupted Rogue Archer
Corrupted Rogue Archer
The accurate ranged archer of evil has made her way into the Doom universe by occult interference of teleportation technology. Serving her order of evil, the human-looking woman marches forward with bow in hand and the occult means to dodge occasionally if not entirely so. Her aim is surely to make its mark on the hearts of men.
-Corrupted Rogue Flailer
Corrupted Rogue Flailer
The sure fire heavy hitter of evil has made her way into the Doom universe by occult interference of teleportation technology. Serving her order of evil, the human-looking woman drags on with flail in hand and the occult means to dodge occasionally if not entirely so. Not to go under her sisters of archery, the corrupted rogue flailer has the arsenal of target seeking flails and a shield that completely protects her from harm (also by occult means). Many of a men succumb to the the heavy pair of jugs struck upon their heads.
More radically different from her human-looking sisters, this mage of a demon leads the order in flying colors. With an adept knowledge in casting Blood Stars and wings that allow flight-like agility, the succubus is not to be taken lightly. When she fires, she is certain to start dodging at the same time. While not as heavy as a corrupted rogue flailer, her Blood Stars are lethal skulls of pain that linger to burn ammo, damage, and life within its radius. It is a interesting fact that succubuses not only deprive others of spiritual energy, but also of material possession. However, her worst arsenal are telekinetic thrusts that adjust angle, pitch, and velocity of her victims. Her dabble in the forbidden arts gained her notoriety, dragging her prey into pits or off cliffs. Many would rather stray from the succubus and the wind of the stars.

+Skeleton Crew:
-Skeletonal Archer
Skeletonal Archer
The skeletal archer is a force to be reckoned with. Despite its thin and fragile-like demeanour, its constitution can withstand one shotgun slug of seven pellets. It is no ballerina when it comes to dodging, but it more than makes up for that by digging in and out of places. If that is not enough, the skeletonal archer can shoot up to three arrows at a time, making it quite the shotgunner over its archer title. Its weakness is its limit to dig in and out by a few distance from its location, allowing its target have some time to recuperate before meeting the volleys of death.
-Skeletonal Axer
Skeletonal Axer
The skeletal axer is a force to hide from, unless you have the means to quickly kill it. Despite its thin and fragile-like demeanour, its constitution can withstand one shotgun slug of seven pellets. It is no ballerina when it comes to dodging, but it more than makes up for that by digging in and out of places. The skeletonal axer can throw a single target seeking axe at a time. The axe is quick to chase down its target so be best advised to either hide or kill. If that is not enough, this undead warrior can raise its shield that completely protects it from harm (by occult means). Its weakness, if there is one, is its advantage to dig in and out by a few distance from its target's location, allowing its target to take a stand, or to catch an axe on the face. However, given its ability to shield itself, some historic accounts claim that this warp behavior serves as a distraction long enough for its archer brethren (or allies) to catch up with its target.
The lich is a force to be feared, as a leech, not a necromancer. Despite its thin and fragile-like demeanour, its constitution can withstand several rounds of normal firearms. It is no ballerina when it comes to dodging, but it more than makes up for that by its ability to float in mid-air. The lich can constantly drain its target's health on sight. Of course, as a practicer of necromancy, it can raise the dead for its thrall. At least it cannot summon an army of the undead to its aid. If that is not enough, this undead magic user heals for each time it drains. Its weakness is its loss to dig in and out of the ground. It even loses its ability to walk thru planes, containing its unholy presence within walls. However, given its ability to constantly drain, some historic accounts claim that its attack can kill its victim within moments.

+Scosglen Werewolf Tribe:
Druid Werewolf
The werewolf is one twisted man with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex. As a druid (or a hippie, maybe not), he will usually turn tail from the perceived target and run run as fast as he can from the current threat. As a werewolf, he will become aggressive in chasing down his target. While he can do a dance in melee, his most dreaded method is his breath of poisonous smog in accurate streams (reference from the Big Bad Wolf in the "Three Little Pigs" and "Red Little Riding Hood" story). Beware, if the clouds don't hit you first, they will linger around, causing mephetic damage in its vicinity. Can last for a random set of time. In addition, the druid/werewolf constantly heals himself. If damaged enough, the werewolf will revert back into a now cowardly druid. However, if healed enough, the druid will once again transform into a werewolf! The hunter's need to heal and breath of death, is a mixed recipe of a persistent adversary.

+Possessed Subordinates:
-Baboon Demon (and Spectre Baboon Demon variant)
Baboon Demon
The baboon demon was once a being nature turned corrupted by vile magic. Fast, able to climb walls, and a dance of a long reach, this baboon is straight forward melee carnage (although its damage is something of a variable range)! By itself, it is something that can be put down, but a horde can demolish one man if cornered. There are transparent variants as well!
-Thorned Hulk
Thorned Hulk
The thorned hulk was once the sole protector of the woods. However, evil influences over nature had subtly dominated its will. While slow in movement, the hulk retains a somewhat determined retaliation against harm. It fires off a large spinning seed whose surface is solid, yet fragile enough to crack open a centered explosion. At times, the seed can also hatch a thorn creeper, an entity of considerable notoriety. If its projectile is not enough, the tree can defend itself with a combination of melee and ranged attacks. Sometimes, it fires a seed without a target in sight! As a being of nature, the thorned hulk can also resurrect corpses and its own kin.
-Thorn Creeper
Thorn Creeper
Spawned from the potent seed of a thorned hulk, the thorn creeper lies awaiting underground until disturbed by a audible commotion. By that time, it will dig towards the source as its unsuspecting target. At some point of time, it will reveal itself to grow several nests of thorns around its victim. The thorns remain lethal within its vicinity throughout its duration. Some testimonies claim that the thorn creeper can grow its nests without the target within its sight. However, those incidents are of a rare occurrence. There is no claim of a thorn creeper sprouting thorns while underground. Speculations of this inability points to the required intake of nutrients against its body structure. Nevertheless, this plant is the reason why one should be wary of their own health as there is no way to prevent a thorn sprouting against its target.

-Blood Golem
Blood Golem
A golem of blood, flesh, and bone. It is an abdomination of horrendous proportions. It sprays seven acid blood liquid streams, even its blood wounds spray too. Liquids are considered poisonous and somewhat sentient. Can dig in and out by a few distance from its current location. Its death will randomly spray poisonous blood streams. While the description is not much, full contact with the spray will result in death.
-Iron Golem
Iron Golem
A golem of wires, pipes, and some strange energy. It is an abdomination of sheer will. It can repeatly shoot an seeker missile of ripping stars and rain down more of the same. Its blood also emits them as well. The missile does not stop pursuit after its contact, but may end itself at anytime. Can dig in and out by a few distance from its current location. Its death will rain down stars upon its killer. While the description is not much, the said details is enough to state the dire need to maneuver under cover. The best prayer goes to anyone fleeing the wave of stars in mazes.
-Blade Sentinel (Blue/Brown/Red)
Blue Blade Sentinel Brown Blade Sentinel Red Blade Sentinel
A sentient floating buzzsaw. While it cannot charge against its target, any close vicinity will engage its circular blades in motion. Escaping its wrath can be difficult. However, its weak hull integrity will dealt its death quickly, but not without a bang. One lone blade sentinel can be an easy target, but its strength in numbers increases their chance of success in either pinning down for a slaughter or lifting up for a castration. Treat these blade sentinels like hazards.
-Fire Wall Sphere
Fire Wall Sphere
This nearly silent ball of silver set aflame, will spew forth flames that stay. The flames be like burning walls. There be no warning in its assault. Can fly. Spews flaming walls in random directions upon death.
-Lightning Jolt Sphere
Lightning Jolt Sphere
This nearly silent ball of gold, will cast spells of lightning jolts upon its target. The jolt sticks to its victim like glue. There be no warning in its assault. Can fly. Casts lightning jolts in random directions upon death.

-Psych Orb/Sentient Lightning
Psych Orb Sentient Lightning
The psych orb is an floating entity that consists of an eye type organ (reference from Dungeons and Dragons's beholder). Emits electric currents from its body. Shoots a magnetic ball that vacuums nearby targets. Upon death, the psych orb opens a sentient lightning against its killer.
-Festering Appendages
Festering Appendages
At first sight, they are unseenable and solid underground. What emerges from the earth below are festering appendages (reference from Lovecraft [fiction] literature)! As a monster of the earth, they can dig in and out, but only within the confined walls that contain them. However, do not underestimate these tentacles, for they are vicious and deadly. Applied pain might cause them to withdraw from the surface to the depths below, for a matter of time. It has the uncanny ability to resurrect the dead to life, once more! With high constitution, great speed, and relentless attacks, the festering appendages are great adversaries to contend with. With keen senses, agility, and a heavy surplus of firepower, one might be able to send these tentacles back to whence they came.
From the void, unto the unknown, comes the reziarfg. It cannot be classified as a demon due to its obscure nature. Its eyes allow constant sight around its being, its tail is given a pair of jaws that beckons, and its four string of legs strain against the mass and weight of its body. The strange description of this combination would have most witnesses to not have fear, but its capabilities have prove them wrong. From its pores, rains forth the blood of poison. From the unknown essence, opens portals that summon its minions to its aid. From its legs, sows the nest of moving thorns. From its visions, forms light into jolt. From its pain, shares in its injury. However, that is not all, in its death, exacts its revenge with illumination and lightning rain. The reziarfg is a mix of concoctions and a mystery, for no one will know its true origins, nor what role it plays in the occult forces (of evil).

Ah, the classic staple, symbol of evil, he is the goatman. Scythe have fairly long range with one possible stroke of death. Can throw a few green potions that emit choking/harmful nerve gas. Can also throw one orange potion that explodes into a semi-chain reaction. Constantly heals. Upon death, throws potion(s) in random direction. Can be considered quite the cannon.
Wyrm Wyrm
What may have been a child's imagination is now a wyrm of a nightmare (reference from Lovecraft [fiction] literature). It seems to be a supernatural being with the exception to an impossible means of unnatural movement. It does not crawl out of the ground like normal ground dwellers. Instead, it blinks out of the ground. When it does appear, it attacks. When it doesn't, it disappears. Even in pain, it disappears. Its command over both visibility and vulnerability, makes the wyrm a greatly feared demon as no one knows when it will pop in or pop out. Fortunately, it is not a true dimensional shambler, else they will blink at any possible coordinate. Its demonic nature also limits its movement by walls, but it can still burrow into most heights. A wall that cannot be crossed over will guarantee a safe haven from this monstrosity. A true great worm can burrow through walls and heights, making the wyrm a deformed variant among its classification. Still, one can note its vicious determination to irradiate anyone near it. Many that fought the wyrm said its semi-blinking ability gave them a difficult time despite its weak constitution.
-Blood Lord
Blood Lord
Composed by a head of a bull, a body of a man, and demonic influence, this red minotaur sets his flails upon his victims. As sturdy as his weapons, the body hardly flinches from a focused hatred on adversaries. From that hate, hellfire flows through from spirit, limb, flail, and fireball. The detonation brings a hate-induced consequence as a tracing meteor shower, flower of fire, or radius of flames around the target. While the blood lord is slow in description, one cannot deny the powers pined down by this beast of burden.

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